The Dividend Buster Program
Generating A Steady Income With Dividends

An investment strategy that has its roots in the once popular and successful “Dogs of the Dow” strategy. By focusing our investment selection process on high-quality, high-yielding stocks, we provide investors with a methodology and potential to generate a steady income stream from dividends, all the while having the opportunity for market appreciation if the selected stocks rise in value.

Designed to invest in a portfolio comprised of 15 to 30 high-dividend paying stocks, representing a minimum of 4 sectors, whose companies have strong balance sheets, predictable earnings outlooks, and pay a sizable dividend. As of mid-march, the dividend rate for our Dividend Buster Program is just shy of 5%.

This program places a great deal of importance on:
• Financial Strength
• Free Cash-Flow
• Earnings Predictability

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Dividend Buster Strategy

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