History of the Firm

"For three generations, 1879 Advisors and its affiliates have been providing trusted financial advice to individuals, families and corporations. We benefit from a long-standing reputation for knowledge, integrity and relentless commitment to our clients.”
- Matthew J. Bruderman, Chairman


Following the Industrial Revolution, America experiences the Gilded Age

Joseph Brunner & Co is formed

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About Us

1879 Advisors was built around a simple premise: Put the client first all while managing risk. At 1879 Advisors, we don't simply accommodate our clients, we built our entire organization with them in mind. As markets move faster than ever these days, it could be difficult to invest wisely for your family. We have helped thousands of investors like yourself achieve their retirement goals. You’ve worked hard to save for your retirement.

Let us help you protect what you have and prepare for your future.

Our Vision

We believe managing clients’ assets is a long-term proposition. In fact, many of our client relationships span generations. We’ll work diligently to develop a customized wealth and investment strategy for you that incorporates investment management & legacy planning designed to help you achieve all of your investment and life goals.


In our experience, most investors start out with fundamentally sound investments. However, over time, as market conditions, the economy and personal investment objectives change, portfolios may no longer reflect the best possible choices.

Our complimentary Second Opinion Service, known as S.O.S., gives investors the opportunity to receive a comprehensive analysis of their current portfolio holdings as well as specific recommendations on how we believe portfolio allocation and investment choices may be updated to better reflect the current environment.


If you feel that the market, the economy, or your personal objectives have changed more than your investment strategy, you should avail yourself of our Second Opinion Service. There is no charge and no obligation for this. If our recommendations make sense, we hope that you choose to hire us as your money manager.