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Effective Retirement Income

We all want retirement to feel like an end goal, an achievement that marks the endpoint of a lifetime of hard work. 1879 Advisors wants to help you get there and ensure smooth financial sailing once you’ve decided to retire. We can provide effective, long-term wealth management solutions and retirement planning crafted by over a century of combined experience to help you reach your financial goals and meet your effective retirement income.

How Do I Reach an Effective Retirement Income?
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Consider This…

Many factors play a role in the financial decisions you should make before retiring. Here are some of the most relevant questions we can help you answer before formulating a retirement strategy:

What Do You Have and What Do You Need?

One of the first steps in retirement planning is taking a comprehensive account of your current assets and remaining debts. These includes:

Real Estate
Vacation Property
Insurance Policies
Credit Card Debt
And More...

Once we have a good idea of your accumulated assets' value, we can start projecting into the future. This means creating a comprehensive financial plan including spending based on your goals and what you will need in post-retirement. This strategy planning creates a budget that will make your money last as long as you need it.

Investment Planning

We take a needs and goals-based philosophy towards investing which results in creating a portfolio that reflects your overall financial condition. Rather than just proposing an ad-hoc combination of investment opportunities, we help you create a roadmap to meet your desired goals. Combine this with our carefully selected investment offerings, designed to maximize long-term earnings, and you’re looking at a retirement strategy tailored to fit your needs.

Getting the Most Out of Your Investments

No matter where you are on your retirement planning journey, we can help you get to where you need to be. Our work starts before we even meet by identifying undervalued stocks with high growth potential. Through our meticulous ranking system, we find these offerings designed to narrow your options to sectors with a historically good track record and long-term positive trends while eliminating sectors that has demonstrated negative future trends.

Stay Informed and Adapt

One of the characteristics that set us apart is our commitment to keeping you on track to meet your goals. We conduct quarterly portfolio reviews to make sure that your investments are heading in the right direction. When we identify a negative trend, we advise you and make the necessary adjustments, so you are always on track.

Ready to Reach Your Desired Effective Retirement Income?

At 1879 Advisors, we are dedicated to finding the optimal path to help you reach your long-term earning and retirement goals. We stay on top of the market, regulations, and keep you informed about any potential pitfalls to keep your financial future safe. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation and get started on your retirement plan!