Investment Management 

Bruderman Asset Management (1879 Advisors’ parent company) creates objective, long-term investment portfolios customized to each client’s unique circumstances. Our investment process is driven by a focus on identifying high quality securities — those with lower leverage, higher earnings visibility, prudent capital deployment strategies and, in the case of external investment managers, robust, repeatable investment approaches — which we believe may lead to competitive long-term, risk-adjusted returns. We believe in constructing diverse, yet concise portfolios where each position serves a specific role in balancing investment risk with the opportunity for return. 

© 2021 by 1879 Advisors® which is  the marketing name used by Bruderman Asset Management, LLC, an investment adviser registered with the SEC and which provides investment advisory products , and its  affiliate, Bruderman Brothers, LLC,  member FINRA/SIPC through which securities are offered. Asset allocation and diversification do not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.

A client’s investment objective and circumstances guide the long-term asset allocation. Asset allocation recommendations are intertwined with the financial planning process and incorporate a client’s age, income, net worth, spending requirements, tax situation and legacy goals. The long-term asset allocation policy is intended to help client’s meet their long-term goals and the policy encapsulates target ranges to broad asset classes including internally and externally managed cash and short-term investments, fixed income securities, equities and alternative investments. 

Strategic Asset Allocation 

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Bruderman Asset Management’s security selection process considers a range of factors which are inputted into an investment thesis for each position that elucidates each investment’s opportunity, risks and potential returns. We draw upon an array of independent research providers when making investment decisions, utilizing internal, and sell-side sources. 

Management / Due Diligence 


The management process includes regular security and portfolio performance monitoring, comprehensive risk management and continual evaluation of client objectives and circumstances. Portfolios are reviewed by Bruderman Asset Management’s investment team daily and with clients at the frequency of their choosing. Allocation policies are designed to allow for some drift from target ranges thereby minimizing the expense of frequent rebalancing. 

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