How to Know if You Need a Personal Financial Advisor

Did you know that going without a personal financial advisor comes with many risks? If you're one of those folks who don't know a thing about managing their own money, you might say goodbye to your long-term financial goals, such as retirement. On the other hand, getting some professional help will allow you to have a clear vision of your goals and manage to meet them. They can also stop you from making the worst financial decisions you'd regret doing for your life.

Signs You Need a Financial Advisor

Your Savings are All in Cash

If all of your savings are in cash, your chances of getting a secure retirement are slim. Your money in the bank will cause you to achieve less growth than when you opt for a more aggressive strategy. This dynamic approach could involve a mix of stocks and bonds that will keep your retirement costs covered, even when inflation is factored. A financial advisor can help you do this.

You Fear the Stock Market

Is your fear of the stock market, keeping you from getting more aggressive when it comes to your investments? Unless you're willing to lose out substantial returns down the road, you'll need to enlist a personal financial advisor's help. Without one, you won't build a portfolio that would allow you to have enough exposure to the stock market.

You're a High Earner Who's in a Top Tax Bracket

If your retirement savings are consistently maxed out, and you still find yourself in the top tax bracket, you might want to explore other savings strategies that lead to lower taxes paid before or even during your retirement. To make this happen, you'll need the help of a financial advisor.

Don't Have a Personal Financial Advisor Yet?

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