What You Need to Know About Wealth Management

If you think that wealth management is only for the wealthy, think again. The term “wealth” shouldn’t only be associated with those who have plenty of financial resources. In case you’re not aware, wealth pertains to the total sum of an individual’s stocks, bonds, money, real estate, and other assets that may include cars, jewelry, or any other valuable item. Whether you think that you’re “wealthy” or otherwise, you have some degree of wealth that you need to manage accordingly. Wealth management advisors are there to help you navigate your financial life’s complexities.

What are the Dominant Types of Wealth Management?

Investment Management

Investment management refers to the professional asset management of securities, as well as other assets. It involves handling investments and financial assets and devising strategies that could be short- or long-term for the acquisition and disposal of portfolio holdings. Its goal is to meet specific goals for the investors’ benefit. These investors could be private investors or organizations. Moreover, investment management may also include budgeting, banking, as well as tax services and duties.

Asset Protection Management

This type of wealth management is focused on protecting an individual’s assets and securing his or her wealth after the person suffers a tragedy or loss. This has a lot to do with getting the right kind of insurance that could help the clients secure their wealth and assets. These could include their homes, diamonds, gold, and other physical assets of great value.

Are You Looking for the Right Wealth Management Advisors?

If you’re looking for the right wealth management advisors who could help you meet your financial goals, get in touch with 1879 Advisors today. When it comes to financial planning, we prioritize safety and security. Get in touch with our financial experts today to schedule an appointment.

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