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Why Should You Hire an Investment Manager?

Are you interested to know more about the creation and care of an investment portfolio? Investment management in Goshen, NY, refers to the process of building and handling financial assets, and other types of investments, based on specific goals. While you can always choose to manage your own portfolio, hiring an investment manager can be extremely beneficial.

Investment Management Goshen NY

What Is an Investment Manager?

Investment managers are financial experts who can help you manage your money by creating a specific portfolio that meets your needs. Before they do the real hard work, they take note of your personal goals, suitability for various types of investments, and how soon you’ll need the money from these investments. After selecting the investments that meet your objectives, the investment manager carefully observes the constraints that are placed on them.

Top Reasons to Hire an Investment Manager

They Eat, Drink, and Breathe Investing

These professionals don’t just learn about the markets and the economy. Investing is their life. Their hands-on, day-to-day interactions equip them to handle your money better than you can.

Your Goals Are Aligned with Your Investment Manager’s Goals

Since investment managers used to work on a commission basis, they were able to make more money when they executed trades for their client’s portfolio. As a result, many of these managers made big trades that didn’t make a lot of sense.

However, when the new consumer protections were set in place, most investment managers decided to charge a percentage of their client’s assets every year to manage their portfolio. This makes it a good set-up because the larger their client’s portfolio gets, the more money these managers make.

They Have Access to Private Offerings

Did you know that private investment companies have their own favorite investment managers?

These companies tend to offer them private offering investment deals that the general public can’t purchase on a public stock exchange. They do this because they’re confident that the managers will be able to get investment capital for the offering.

Investment managers who have good connections tend to open up new forms of investment to you through their personal channels. Although these investments usually outperform current market returns, they come with risk. Therefore, it’s best to perform your own suitability checks.

They Can Find New Deals by Combining Funds

Some investments are only accessible to investors who can meet the selling group’s minimum investment requirements. Unfortunately, an ordinary investor finds it difficult to become involved with these investment opportunities because of certain requirements that are almost impossible to meet.

Teaming up with an experienced investment manager will help you pool your funds with the funds of other investors under the manager’s stewardship. This allows you to have access to the most elusive investments.

You’ll Learn a Lot From Them

Most investment managers are passionate about helping their clients become better at making investments. What you learn from them can be useful when you decide to move on to a new investment manager or when you decide to handle your own portfolio.

They Work In a Highly Skilled Team

If you think that investment managers work alone, think again. Most of them collaborate with a team of highly-trained and licensed professionals. In other words, hiring an investment manager is worth more than the fee you’re paying for them because you’re essentially tapping into the collective knowledge of a skilled team.

Investment Management Goshen NY

The Experts in Investment Management in Goshen, NY

At 1879 Advisors, we strive to create objective and long-term investment portfolios that are customized to your unique circumstances. Contact us today to schedule your free portfolio evaluation.

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