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Retirement Planning 

Needs and Goal-based Planning


Your investment portfolio should reflect your needs and goals, not just a combination of products and investments. Unlike the products offered by many financial services firms, the 1879 Advisors Investment Process provides a roadmap to building a comprehensive investment strategy focused on meeting your specific needs and investment objectives. 


We take advantage of various investment strategies to customize a portfolio that is tailored to fit your needs. As portfolio managers, one of our focuses is risk management, providing our clients safety with security.


Investment Strategy Development 


We lay the groundwork for value investing, which involves buying undervalued stocks with the potential to grow over time.  


We accomplished this through a unique stock ranking methodology we developed which seeks to identify attractively priced securities from the broader investment universe. 

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Preparation of Investment Proposal 

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Our portfolios and plans for accumulating and maintaining wealth are tailored to each client to meet the complex needs of their current and estate requirements. Positioning your portfolio properly in this ever-changing volatile financial environment is a challenge you should take on with your trusted financial advisor.   


Our highly skilled advisors will develop a customizable strategy that is personalized to your specific objectives while focusing on growth as well as risk management.  

Quarterly Portfolio Reviews 


 At 1879 Advisors, we believe in staying on track with your retirement objectives. Our quarterly portfolio reviews give our clients the opportunity to meet with our advisors four times a year to ensure their investments are working the way they should be all while keeping in mind any life changing events that may arise, risk management, as well as the current market volatility. Like all things that need routine maintenance, your retirement portfolio is no exception. Like all things that need routine maintenance, your retirement portfolio is no exception.