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1879 Advisors has been serving individual investors for four generations. We bring a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and resources to every client relationship that we serve, offering the highest caliber of service from a team of nationally recognized experts. 1879 Advisors is a money management firm dedicated to serving the needs of individual investors. We have helped thousands of investors achieve their retirement goals. Our investment process is designed and implemented by our Investment Committee, whose members have over a century of combined experience amongst them.


The Select Dividend Strategy

Generating a steady income with dividends

The 1879 Advisors Select Dividend Strategy is an investment strategy that has its roots in the once popular and successful “Dogs of the Dow” strategy. By focusing our investment selection process on high-quality, high-yielding stocks, we provide investors with a methodology and potential to generate a steady income stream from dividends, all the while having the opportunity for market appreciation if the selected stocks rise in value.

The 1879 Advisors Select Dividend Strategy invests in a portfolio comprised of 15 to 30 high-dividend paying stocks, representing a minimum of 4 sectors, whose companies have strong balance sheets, predictable earnings outlooks, and pay a sizable dividend. 

The 1879 Advisors Select Dividend Strategy was initially launched on January 1, 2011. To help ensure that clients benefit from our most up-to-date research and security selection process, a new series is launched every quarter. The January 1, 2011 portfolio, in accordance with our strategy, was rolled into a new series in April 2012 and again in July 2013. For a detailed breakdown of this portfolio performance please contact your 1879 Advisors investment consultant. All figures are net of fees and expenses

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The Select Growth Strategy

High Quality U.S. Growth Stocks
Our Select Growth Strategy, which is also proprietary to 1879 Advisors, seeks to invest in up to 20 to 35 high-quality growth stocks, whose earnings are expected to far outpace their peers and the broader market.

Companies that have significant earnings growth have the potential to perform well. As corporate earnings growth estimates continue to come down, we expect better performance for companies that are able to outperform and grow their businesses at a faster pace than their competitors.

The Select Small-Cap Strategy

Lower volatility Small-Cap Stocks

The 1879 Advisors Select Small-Cap Strategy provides investors the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of small-cap stocks which are carefully selected to meet our strict criteria. We begin with the S&P 600 small cap index, in part because unlike the better known Russell 2000 Index, companies within the S&P 600 must be profitable. Similar to our other Buster programs, we then apply various “screens” to develop a portfolio of high-quality small capitalization stocks to complement an investor’s current portfolio.

Small-Cap stocks have historically outperformed their large cap brethren. However, investors should be aware that many of these stocks are more volatile than the S&P 500. The Small-Cap Buster Program focuses on lower-volatility small cap stocks, making the program an ideal, when appropriate, complement to our Select Dividend and Select Growth strategies. 

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The Select Blend Strategy

Combining Income & Growth

Our Select Blend Strategy combines the attributes of our Select Dividend Strategy, where dividends are the focus, and our Select Growth Strategy, where growth is the focus, in one portfolio.

The 1879 Advisors Select Blend Strategy invests in 20 stocks with two investing options available. Quality is paramount in our stock selection process. By focusing our investment selection process on high-quality growth and high yielding stocks, we provide investors with a methodology and potential to generate income from dividends in addition to earnings that are expected to outpace the broader market.

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Your investment portfolio should be a reflection of your needs, not just a combination of products and securities. Unlike products offered by many brokers and advisors, the 1879 Advisors Investment Process provides a road-map to building a  comprehensive investment strategy focused on your specific needs and investment objectives.

We take advantage of the various investment strategies we manage to customize a portfolio that fits your needs. As conservative portfolio managers, our focus is on investment strategies that provide our clients with certain levels of safety, security, and in some cases guarantees.

Our Investment Process

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